NOTE:This blog had a good run, but is now in retirement.
Please see Practicing Ruby for Gregory's more recent works.

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Gregory Brown ( @seacreature )

In a past life, I was a professional technical author, trainer, developer, and project manager. These days, the vast majority of my time is spent on developing my role as a rogue professor at Mendicant University, my free online school for software developers.

When I’m not actively teaching or trying to push forward my ideas about using education to affect positive change in the world, I tend to write a lot. I’ve written the Ruby Best Practices book for O’Reilly, and am also the author of the weekly Practicing Ruby Journal. Much of the content on this blog was originally published in my journal, so if you like what you see here, you may want to subscribe to it.

Mendicant University keeps me very busy, but I am still reasonably active within the Ruby community. I attend users groups and conferences, and even teach live trainings from time to time. The amazing people in the Ruby community have always been what makes me want to do this kind of work, so please catch up with me and introduce yourself if you see me at any of the following events.

Upcoming Events

  • RubyConf @ New Orleans, LA (Sept 29 – Oct 1)

If you want to support my projects, you can either subscribe to Practicing Ruby or join the Mendicant Supporters network. The less time I need to think about paying the bills, the more time I can focus on building cool stuff for the community

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