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Welcome to the RBP blog

2009-04-07 17:02, written by Gregory Brown

Hello, and welcome to the Ruby Best Practices blog. I am happy to announce this new collaborative writing project, along with the great team that’ll be running it. A couple weeks ago I put out a call for volunteers to help me provide a new community resource for discovering and discussing best practices in Ruby, and now, we’re ready to get rolling.

In addition to myself: James Britt, Kirk Haines, Robert Klemme, Jeremy McAnally, Sean O’Halpin, Magnus Holm and Lakshan Perera round out the team. I am absolutely thrilled to have such a diverse and talented group to work with, and I can’t wait to see the content that we’ll produce together.

The general theme we’ve agreed upon for this blog is that each post should exhibit Ruby code that we can be proud of. We want to expose best practices through practical examples, so you will surely see a lot of open source code being discussed here. We want to give you less of “Here’s six great Rails plugins” and more of “Examples of Connascense in ActiveRecord”, or “Common Pitfalls in DSL Design, and How to Avoid Them”. Not every single post will be focused directly on best practices and idioms, but all will contain them.

This will be a code and high-level design heavy blog. We don’t plan to bore you with war stories or skimp on the technical value of our content to promote our latest cute but useless hack. That having been said, we plan to have fun while we write, and the occasional diversion will happen as a result. However, it’s safe to say that our content will be geared more towards the motivated developer looking to improve her craft rather than the general “plzgivemethecodes” crowd. If that sounds like your kind of thing, I think you’ll really enjoy this blog.

The blog engine we’ve decided to use is Korma which I’m sure you’ll hear more about in the near future. It was designed specifically to run this blog, is git based, and gives us a lot of cool features that we wanted to make sure to have in place before launch. Because we want to provide both the authors and the readers freedom to choose which content they are interested in, it is possible to subscribe to individual author feeds on this blog. This means that if you like 6 of us, the two you don’t like won’t bother you. Of course, we hope you like us all.

Over time, we’ll eventually begin accepting outside contributions to this blog, likely through something as simple as a fork and pull request on github. This means if you have an idea for an article that you’d like to see here, we may be accepting new content from third party contributors soon. However, before we can do that, we need to wait for the dust to settle, so look for an announcement in a few weeks.

It may take us a little while to work out the kinks in our blogging software. We want to keep things simple, but there still might be a few bugs here or there. If you run into problems using this blog, please email gregory.t.brown at and let me know.

I think that pretty much wraps up the welcome letter. New posts should be cycling in within the next couple days, and we hope to remain active moving forward. Thanks for checking out this new blog, and happy hacking!

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